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OCHA member hospitals provide the highest quality of care to Ohio’s children. In fact, Ohio’s children’s hospitals provided care through 3.2 million individual inpatient, outpatient and ER visits annually, equating to one visit for every child in Ohio.

All OCHA member hospitals are ranked first in their class in at least one aspect of pediatric healthcare and all six are recognized as national leaders in clinical care for children.

However, with these achievements and responsibilities come challenges – stable and predictable funding; continuously improving quality of care, transparency and patient safety; and encouraging programs and public policy that support child health and wellness.

That’s why we commissioned a report from the Health Policy Institute of Ohio – the first of its kind in the country – to assess Ohio child health and healthcare in Ohio. You can learn more about this report and our leadership to improve child health here.

The Ohio Children’s Hospital Association works to solve these challenges through partnerships with all stakeholders in the healthcare system – from member hospitals and providers within those institutions to public policymakers and regulators.

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