What’s Next

Ohio Pediatric Asthma Repository

Future Publications

OPAR plans to publish the following publications with data that is collected and analyzed from study participants:

  • A publication that investigates hospital length-of-stay for pediatric asthma exacerbation and its association with multilevel factors and inpatient factors.
  • A publication that will investigate the association between weight status and asthma in the inpatient setting.
  • Publications that will investigate secondhand smoke exposure in asthmatics and its association with an increased length of stay, number of admissions to the PICU, number of intubations, administration of medications, diagnoses of co-morbidities.

Future Direction

In the future, OPAR will enable the best practices identified from our CER studies to be implemented and tested in intervention trials across the sites. Future analyses for OPAR will compare ED, inpatient and discharge practices, along with patient demographics, exposures, asthma severity with respect to length of stay, reutilization and readmission rates to determine the practices that lead to the best clinical outcomes across all hospitals.


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